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    Using right indent tab with centered header text?


      If I want my page headers to have a page number on the left and the chapter title/section name on the right, or vice versa, it's easy. Just add a right indent tab after the left aligned item. But what if I want, say, a chapter title/section name to be centered, and the page number to still be on the left/right? Can't use the right indent tab. It pushes the should-be centered text to the left.


      Is there some way to have these two components in my head (centered + right/left aligned) as easily as having (left aligned   + right aligned) courtesy of the right indent tab?


      I can see that there are  workarounds. Just wondering if there is a super-easy way. (I'm educating myself about how all this works more than trying to solve a particular problem at the moment.) Thanks for any advice.