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    Slow scrubbing along timeline HDV footage CS5.5

    creazer Level 1

      Hi. I recently upgraded to a pretty powerful computer(specs are below). Each time I open my prject, it has some Cineform files so it takes time to generate Peak fioles each time and while that's happening, myscrubbing along timeline can be pretty jerky. When the generating of Peak files finishes, it's pretty good but sometimes it can get a little jerky. The biggest issue I have is that when I press spacebar(play), it'll play a few frames and stop. It keeps doing this over and over. If I go to a different sequence and come back again, it'll be fine for a while, and then it'll start stop playing accross the timeline. It plays fine on my much older computer. The one thing different that I can think of, is that I've put the Media Cache and scratch discs on a different drive. My Premiere is installed on my C: drive. Media Cache and Scratch discs are on my E: drive. My video files and other media are on my I: drive(please see drive details below.






      Meta Data.JPG

      Sequence setting.JPG


      Please let me know if I should provide anymore information.