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    Regarding click flv video and make it fullscreen/enlarge

    TPStudent2010 Level 1

      As title, i amd using AS2 currently and i have 3 flv video imported  in 1 sigle swf file, what i want to do is when i rollover the flv, it enlarge abit and when i click on it , it become fullscreen or further enlarge. after that i jz simply click agin and make it back to original size.


      Any hep is welcome.

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          You need to make sure you set the HTML output options to allow fullscreen from the publish settings. Afterwards in AS2 it's no longer a fscommand to go fullscreen, it's Stage.displayState. To assign that functionality you assign a click event to the movie or a button or anything you want to trigger it. Here's the code:


          I'll call what you want to click "myButton". That can be a MovieClip, Button, video, etc.


          myButton.onPress = function(evt:Object) {

              Stage.displayState = Stage.displayState == "normal" ? "fullScreen" : "normal";



          Click that object and it will toggle fullscreen or normal size.