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    does disk cache effect importing images to AE projects panel?

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      Description of AE on my machine:

      i use AE CS5.5 version

      4% of 15.9GB is used

      the plugin is 384 (not sure that's relevant)

      i have NOT installed recent updates, i am using Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.


      Description of my machine:

      All programs are installed on an OCZ SSD that's 111GB (w/ 29.8GB free), and there are 3 additional disks for projects - disks D, E and F.

      So, in total, 4 unRAIDED disks, an i7-2600k CPU 3.40GHz, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 and 16.0GB RAM


      My machine has been working perfectly using AE, Premiere, Flash, Flex, Ps and more. TOday however i had my first quibble with AE, or is it more than a quibble?

      When i opened AE i got a warning notification saying that my disk cach is on a drive that does NOT have available space to safely sotre the full amount specified in your preference.




      I thought i'd best designate an alternative disk for cache-ing: went to Preferences/Media & Disk Cache, under Disk Cache (where Enable Disk Cache is checked), i realized my disk cache was the Temporary files in User1 on my SSD which is for programs. So i selected an alternative disk - disk E (same disk that uses media cache for Premier,)  created a new folder there on disk E, and selected it for disk cache.


      Following that i closed and reopened AE, and got a new issue - this time perhaps more worrying: when i import jpg images into the Projects panel by this method: right+clicking to select files for import, and i choose an image on disk D, i get an error message - "After Effects warning: The sequence has 1621 missing frames (39 :: 44)"


      If i ok that, the image imported into AE is NOT the one i selected plus its icon looks different from the icons of the images imported prior to my having changed the disk cache. This is odd because the imported image is not a sequence, rather a jpg. Further, rarely it works properly - i realized after massive testing.


      If however i throw the same image/picture file (jpgs that have consistently failed to import properly) into the Project pane by the drag-an-drop method - there is no warning message,  the image's icon looks normal, and the chosen image is INDEED the one that is imported,. IT there to work with, and there are no issues putting effects on it.


      The issue does NOT occur when importing avi files from D drive and there were NO issues or notifications.


      So, the question is: Does the disk cache location effect the importation of images into AE?