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    db query-based Verity collection with Categories?

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      posted this on HOF list, but got no replies in a day... will try here...

      1) does a database query-based Verity collection support Categories? or
      is it supported only for document/directory based collections?

      2) i am creating a collection and search interface for a multi-faceted
      photo database, where each photo has multiple facets, categories and
      keywords assigned to it.
      while i can create a collection that combines all the
      facets/categories/keywords in the collection's body (together with title
      and description), i think it will work better with facets and categories
      stored as collection/photo categories...
      i am using custom fields to store photo properties, photographer name
      and pre-set galleries a photo is assigned to, which takes up all 4
      allowed custom fields...

      maybe someone has done something like this before and can share the

      here's the collection index code:

      body="title,description,facets,cats,keywords" custom1="orientation"
      custom2="colormodel" custom3="galleries" custom4="owner_name">

      the facets, cats, keywords and galleries are comma-delimited lists of
      each photo's facets, cats, keywords, galleries and their respective
      descriptions [created with mysql's group_concat() function - gotta love
      that thing!] for the prupose of being searchable for user-entered search

      any thoughts/suggestions?


      Azadi Saryev