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    automatic update cs extensions

    JeffW. Level 1



      I'm trying to build in a automatic updater for my cs extension as described in this Adobe pdf,

      but it's not working yet.


      Let me describe my steps so far:

      I have my extension - version 1.0 - installed in the host (Illustrator and Premiere)

      With this zxp I have an mxi installed with an update tag:


      and the version set to 1.0:

      <macromedia-extension name="com.example.bla" requires-restart="true" version="1.0">


      I also have set the version number in the manifest.xml here:


              <Extension Id="com.example.pond5eb.extension1" Version="1.0"/>




      Then I change smt in the extension (maybe not even necessary?), change the manifest version to 1.1, build it  and upload it to my server,

      and I create an update.xml with the zxp path and the new version number, which I also upload to my server:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>





              <![CDATA[All bugs are fixed!<br>Everything works!]]>




      I also change the version in this mxi:

      <macromedia-extension name="com.example.bla" requires-restart="true" version="1.1">


      But nothing happens when  I restart the host and open the extension panel. That's the moment

      the user should get the update message, right?


      Any help is highly appreciated,



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          JeffW. Level 1

          The pfd says:

          Creating updatable extension packages (version 5.0 only)


          I  thought this means you need at least CS5.0, does it also refer to  5.5. and 6 - which weren't released when this pfd was? Could someone please confim if it should work higher than 5.0?

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            Harbs. Level 6

            No. It does work in CS5 and later.


            Are you sure you don't have network issues?



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              JeffW. Level 1

              Thanks, What sort of issues are you referring to? I tested it on two domains and internet connection is fine.

              Funny thing is that when I check the csxs3-PPRO.log file it doesn't mention the update or update url in any way.

              As if there is smt wrong with the mxi file, which looks like this:


              <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

              <macromedia-extension name="com.example.bla" requires-restart="true" version="1.1">


                <author name=""/>




                  <product maxversion="" name="Premiere" primary="true" version="-1.0"/>



                  <file destination="" file-type="CSXS" products="" source="bla.zxp"/>

                  <file destination="$installfolder" products="Premiere" source="extendscriptprqe.txt"/>




              but the products and files tags do their job  just fine...

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                JeffW. Level 1

                I had the update tag wrong, which should use a url attribute instead of a text element, I think the 'method' attribute is mandatory too:

                <update method="directlink" url="http://www.bla.com/bla/update.xml" />


                So now I am seeing the Update button when I open up Extension Manager, which is good news.

                But is that all the automatic update does? I was expecting an update message when the user

                opens the host app and then the panel?