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    Move Tool moving mask but not layer

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

      So I am adding a leaf to the waterfall image.  The leaf is on it's own layer with a layer mask, and was moved into position without a problem.  A drop shadow was added with Layer Styles, but when trying to move the layer again, the mask moved, but the layer stayed behind.


      I checked for Auto select, which was off.  I unlinked the mask, tested, relinked the mask, and tested again.  Same problem.  Eventually it started working OK after I tried moving with first the layer active, and then the mask active, and swapping this state about three times.  I could not get it to misbehave again after this.


      Nothing was locked.  Auto select was off. Other layers all moved OK.  I can find no explanation, and think of no user error (touch wood).


      A bug?