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    SetFocus on Username (in login page) in Web app

    blossoms_bubbles Level 1



      I am having a Web App with start state as the login form. As soon as the application's creation is done, I want to set focus on username field in login form.


      For this I tried to use javascript method setBrowserFocus as below:

      function setBrowserFocus()


                 //alert("in setBrowserFocus");

                var appObj = document.getElementById("${application}");

                if (appObj )


                         appObj .tabIndex = 0;

                         appObj .focus();




      I call this JS method on creationComplete. My creationCompleteHandler() is as below:


      private function oncreationComplete():void


      if (ExternalInterface.available)








      This draws the focus (blue rectangle) around the username textInput but it doesnt't set cursor in it. So I can't type anything in the username field until I manually click it.


      Also, I tried to use addedToStage="stage.focus = null;" but it also didn't help.


      Please help me to solve this problem.


      Thanks in advance.