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    Hard Drive Controller Configuration - Asus P9X79 Pro


      I am building a computer for use with CS 6 Premiere Pro.  I purchased an Asus P9X79 Pro motherboard.  I  have bought 4 drives.  I plan to use a 256gb Samsung 830 SSD for the boot drive loaded programs and the operating system; two 500gb Western digital Velociraptor drives in Raid 0 for scratch disk; and a Hitachi 2tb Ultrastar 7K3000 drive for everything else. My question involves my confusion over selection of which controllers to attach the drive to on the Asus motherobard.  The X79 chipset comes with 2 x SATA 6gbs and 4 x SATA 3gbs.  The motherboard also has a Marvell 2 x SATA 6gbs controller.  My initial thought was to hook the 2 WD drives to the 6gbs connector and create the RAID 0.  I would then connect the Samsung SSD and Hitachi 7K3000 to the Intel 3gbs connectors.  Am I doing this properly or should I be using the SSD on the 6gbs connector and the set up the RAID on the 3gbs controller?  I read somewhere that it was not a good idea to use the Marvell controller for the SSD.