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    Adobe distiller creates PDF with bleed


      I am using the below set-up
      Adobe Distiler 9.0
      Ms Word 2010
      Post script printer- HP Color LaserJet 2800 Series PS (installed locally to a TCP/IP port)


      Issue description-
      I am trying to convert my Word file to PDF. I know I can simply use the 'Save as PDF' option from Word 2010 however I have a VBA add-in which ensures a lot of settings etc. while PDF is cretaed.

      The problem is that I create a post-script file using HP PS printer driver and then use this PS file to create PDF using Adobe Distiller, the output PDF has a bleed. I can confirm that there no pre-defined borders, page borders etc in Word. I have checked and tried various page size combinations to avoid the bleed but I still get it on the PDF.


      Can someone please help me fixing this issue. I want the PDF to be created without bleed.


      PS: There is nothing wrong with the add-in. Even if I create a post-script file by directly 'Print to file', it still creates bleed.



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          Dave Stromfeld Adobe Employee

          Moving to Acrobat forum.

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            Daniel Flavin Level 4

            I don't know of any setting within Distiller which automatically defines a bleed, it is written within the postscript which Distiller processes.

            I have noticed a new Press Quality w Doc Bleed.joboption appearing in my system. (I do not recall creating it; but all my distilled pdf's show the setting. (I create many .joboptions in addition to screwing up my system helping in these forums and do not recall every detail), but an Acrobat update might have created this as well.)


            Distiller will use the last set option for subsequent jobs; Open Distiller, choose a setting; all subsequent will use that setting.


            To my limited MS Word knowledge, a bleed cannot be defined. I expect the bleed is included in the add-in code. An edit of that or change to the Distiller default should fix your dilemma.


            How are you concluding that your documents include a bleed?