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    Help installing Fireworks

      downloaded Fireworks and Dreamweaver trial and tried to install it (as administrator) on Vista - with no luck. When tried to run setup it looks like installer is starting .................. then nothing? Help!
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          SiamJai Level 2
          The problem seems like the installer doesn't appear when you run Setup and there is no error message - right?

          Check if Setup.exe appears in the Task Manager. If it is there, one possibility is a known issue about jscript.dll. To fix that, you will have to register the jscript.dll file manually by editing the registry. Adobe TechNote kb401521 describes the process in detail.

          If Setup.exe is not in the Task Manager, then it could be another known issue, assuming that you started the download using Internet Explorer 7. If so, check out Adobe TechNote kb402738 that describes the solution in detail.

          I hope at at least one of these will take care of your problem. If not, well... I hope that someone more knowledgeable will come up with the solution. :-)