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    Flash Export to Quick Time - Ghosting

    MCC 004

      Hi all,


      I'm having a problem exporting from Flash CS5.5 to Quicktime.


      The Quick Time file shows a 'ghosting' effect on sections of the video (see attached screen stills). The SWF file is fine.


      Here's the technical side:


      File created in FLASH CS5.5 on a Mac.


      It has an embedded FLV movie (frame rate 24fps)


      I've tried exporting with Compression type:



      MPEG-4 Video



      I have re-imported the FLV file (original was .AVI - Converted in Adobe Media Encoder)

      I have re-encoded it through Adobe Media Encoder.


      The ghosting was originally only happening on the bits of embedded movie, but is now happening on the screen stills which are JPGs.


      I'm slowly loosing the will, so if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.


      Many thanks,



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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          Wow that device looks um............... ok let's get past that.


          Compression is your issue. Ghosting as you call it is leftover artifacts in compression. Compressions job is to figure out what changed and ONLY update that. With a low keyframe setting you'll see these artifacts all day.


          Tell us what your compression settings are exactly from color depth to bitrate to keyframe distance.

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            Thanks for you help.


            This setting seems to work best, but still gives me the artifacts problem (just less so than the rest) in the 'Export to Movie' settings:


            Compression Type = H.264

            Frame rate = 24

            Keyframes = Auto

            Data rate = Auto

            Compression = High

            Encoding = Best Quality


            Filters = none


            Size = 1280 x 720


            Sound = None


            Internet Streaming  = Fast Start


            The original AVI file I received had Codec compression.


            I have managed to create a QuickTime mov with no artifacts... but that's with a Frame Rate of 12fps.


            I can't find Colour Depth info...


            Any help will be great.


            Many thanks,


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              sinious Most Valuable Participant

              A simple way to figure out if there's a real issue is to have you export AVI or Quicktime uncompressed. It will make a HUGE video but there will be no artifacts. Then take that uncompressed video back into Adobe Media Encoder and use those same settings. Your artifacting should go away.


              One thing you should note is setting compression to high and using best quality is sort of polar opposites. Try your hand at setting those settings rather than full auto.


              If this video is going online then I'd probably use:


              Data rate: average[768kbit/s] max[1.0mbit/s]

              Keyframes: every 10 seconds


              If intended for local playback I'd use profile 5.1 and do something like:


              Data rate: average[2.0mbit/s] max[4.0mbit/s]

              Keyframes: every 2 seconds

              Internet Streaming = disabled


              What codec is the AVI in?


              Generally your first job is to remove unnecessary complexity from the formula. Converting assets to uncompressed does that. So adding that extra step of reconverting the AVI to uncompressed and then compressing that will almost always work perfectly fine.