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    Action stops at resize box


      I am trying to resize a batch of photos using a script to set the image to square and then image resize to reduce to 500 x 500.  When I run the action on an open file it works fine but when I run it as a batch it stops at the canvas resize box and requires me to click ok.


      The script is pretty simple

      var w = app.activeDocument.width;

      var h = app.activeDocument.height;


      if (w > h) {



      if (h > w) {




      My action simply calls the script, does an image resize and saves the file.

      When I run the batch I have the following options checked:

      Suppress File Open Options Dialogs

      Suppress Color Profile Warnings

      Override Action Save As commands



      how do I get it to just execute and not prompt me for every photo?


      running Photoshop CS5 12.0.4 x 64 for Mac