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      When a large file is being loaded, there is no pre-loader to notify the user that a document is loading... It's just a blank white page and then it flashes the 'F' logo with gray background for a brief instant, then loads the document.

      How do I get a pre-loader for my converted .pdf's?

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          If you have Flash and know a little Action Script you can make an external preloader for your larger swf files. I use the Flash pre-loader component in CS3 to make adaptive preloaders.
          You can add preloaders to swf files if you have Captivate 3.

          I believe there are some programs outside Flash that will allow you to build external preloaders but I've not used any of them to say how good they are..

          Please check out a website called Flashkit.com.
          Many Flash designers and developers and lots of great knowledge there.
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            thx2012 Level 1
            Thanks for the response...

            Can I use Flash MX or Flash 8 to import the .swf and then add the preloader inside?

            If so, does anyone provide the script?

            Thanks again for your help.
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              Kdn002 Level 1
              I sent you a private message with my e-mail address.

              I tried to post the code here but it was too long.

              There are two frames of action script code you'll need plus some other information about the Progress Bar, Instance Name and how to point to the preloader.

              Keep in mind that based on what I know, once you have a swf file the only way you add or change anything is if you have the original fla file or a swf decompiler.

              So everything I going to send to you will be about external preloaders.
              And yes you can use Flash 8 to do this.
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                thx2012 Level 1
                Thank you, I replied to you via email....

                Since I did not create the document and have no .fla, I'm not sure how to go about doing this...

                I have some .pdf's that I recently converted over to flash paper and some of the documents are very large and require some type of preloader to let the user understand that a document is loading.... Currently the user just gets a white background until the document loads.

                Thanks again!
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                  Kdn002 Level 1
                  No problem.

                  I e-mailed the preloader fla file too so you can edit and use that one if you want to.

                  This should get you squared away with the preloaders which really do help out a lot.
                  Before I added preloaders to some of my larger projects, people thought that the link was bad and they just moved on before everything could load.
                  Not good...
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                    I've encountered the same problem...
                    Could you please send me the script too?

                    Thanks in advance,
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                      SDALW Level 1
                      I'm having a heck of a time too. Can you email the code to me as well?
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                        SDALW Level 1
                        I'm having a heck of a time too. Can you email the code to me as well?
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                          SDALW Level 1
                          I'm having a heck of a time too. Can you email the code to me as well?
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                            Hello. Even though it has been a while since the last posting in this thread, I am very much interested in obtaining the script for calling an external preloader as well. Could you please email me?


                            We have Captivate 4 and since our Content Management System will not allow for uploading multiple files to a link, we are stuck with publishing the Captivate as a single pdf, thus bypassing .swf and HTML. When the published pdf is 5mb or greater, without a preloader the white area makes users think they landed on the wrong page.


                            If there has been any recent updates that make this problem easier to solve, could you please post on this thread or email me?








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                              Hi there


                              In addition to replying to an older thread you have created three new threads asking the same question. Please don't do that as it makes things confusing. I've deleted two of the other duplicate threads leaving behind the thread at the link below.


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                                Upward1126 Level 1

                                Hello Rick,


                                Thanks for setting me straight.

                                Sometimes my questions go without getting responded to and I think that maybe I posted it in the wrong location.

                                But I understand that you do not want the boards to be populated with duplicate postings so I will refrain.

                                Appreciate the heads up.

                                Would you know the answer to my thread by any chance?



                                Chuck Nealis