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    "Out of Memory"


      Every 15-20 minutes or so (not always the case, so it's quite sporadic) I am getting various "Out of Memory" options. I'm on a brand new Dell with the system specs listed below:




      I just downloaded the latest version of Dreamweaver CS6 and from the first day of using it I experience these issues which would:


      • Not allow me to upload files because DW "ran out of memory"
      • Won't let me save files when it runs out of memory
      • Won't let me check out files because of the memory issue


      Is there are PATCH or something that I can do? It's quite frustrating as I'm on a brand new machine, have ample memory and NEVER had this problems with CS3. I do not have this issue with Photoshop or Fireworks, only with Dreamweaver CS6.


      Any help would be appreciated!