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    "Out of Memory"


      Every 15-20 minutes or so (not always the case, so it's quite sporadic) I am getting various "Out of Memory" options. I'm on a brand new Dell with the system specs listed below:




      I just downloaded the latest version of Dreamweaver CS6 and from the first day of using it I experience these issues which would:


      • Not allow me to upload files because DW "ran out of memory"
      • Won't let me save files when it runs out of memory
      • Won't let me check out files because of the memory issue


      Is there are PATCH or something that I can do? It's quite frustrating as I'm on a brand new machine, have ample memory and NEVER had this problems with CS3. I do not have this issue with Photoshop or Fireworks, only with Dreamweaver CS6.


      Any help would be appreciated!



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          pziecina Adobe Community Professional



          Whilst running Dreamweaver can you check the processes and performance monitor in the windows task manager, (press ctrl/Alt/del to open), and how much the performance monitor is showing for the memory in use, (with and without Dreamweaver running).



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            RezStreamDev Level 1

            The processes are at 339,116K for Memory (Private Working Set) and the following for the Performance settings:




            I have already had to kill the Dreamweaver Processes TWICE since I posted this message this morning.


            Thanks for the help!

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              RezStreamDev Level 1

              Closing DW brings the CPU usage down to 1%.

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                Ben M Adobe Community Professional

                I had seen someone else report this issue not too long ago on the Windows side same as you.  How much do you have open in DW?  I only ask because DW is a 32-bit app so it can only address 4GB of memory.  So once the DW process gets up to 4GB of memory usage by itself, it could be triggering that message.


                Also are you noticing performance issues right before the error or are you just being presented with the error with no visible slowdown?

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                  RezStreamDev Level 1

                  I don't have much open. Most of the time I have a CSS file open and maybe a few PHP files too. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing that would use more than 4GB of memory. I could see if I had like 50 files open, but that's never been the case. And DW doesn't give me ANY warning about the "out of memory" error, it just does that whenever it feels like. So I'm always saving my work every chance I get.

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                    pziecina Adobe Community Professional



                    Are you doing anything in particular when the 'out of memory' happens, such as copy/paste or dragging files or css rules?


                    Also is any custom Dell, (or any other) software running in the background?



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                      Ben M Adobe Community Professional

                      Ok did a little searching and got pointed to a bug in Windows Vista/7 because of how it handles 64-bit vs 32-bit applications.  I cannot guarantee that the below will work, but it's worth a read-through and a possible shot.


                      There's something called the Desktop Heap Limitation that was put into Windows Vista/7 64-bit for 32-bit apps.  Basically the desktop heap is filling up and Windows is triggering the Out of Memory error in DW because all allocated memory to that heap has been used up.  That's the short of it.  For the in-depth read, if you are interested, here's the MSDN post:




                      The good news is, Windows wrote a patch to overwrite this issue, but they hope it works so it was never provided as a distributed patch.  The bad news is it is editing the registry, so you should use caution and always make backups in case you need to restore before making these changes.  The patch can be found at:




                      In theory, this patch from MS should cure the DW issue you are experiencing, although I will admit I have never used it before for any app on Windows (Mac is my primary platform but I occassionally use Windows).  So it's a use at your own risk type of feature.  As long as you backup the registry before executing I think you should be fine.  That way you can restore it if it doesn't work out and nothing is lost.


                      I can try to keep looking further, but right now that's where my search has been pointing me.

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                        RezStreamDev Level 1

                        Thanks guys! I ran the patch like SnaEyez mentioned and I'll let you know if that fixes my issue. Super annoying having to do this. I have a Mac at home and never have these issues sadly I'll never completely be able to avoid these stupid windows issues, but appreciate the help! Hopefully this fixes it!


                        to answer Pziencia the DW issue is completely random, I can be uploading an image, or just trying to save a file...it didn't matter ://

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                          RezStreamDev Level 1

                          Sadly, and not surprisingly since I'm dealing with Windows, the problem is back Does anyone else have any other ideas??

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                            pziecina Adobe Community Professional



                            I would recommend reporting this to Adobe using the form at - https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform&product=12



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                              RezStreamDev Level 1

                              Thank you. I submitted a ticket and hopefully someone will respond! Good lord I can't stand Windows!

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                                Did you get an answer to this? Running in to the same problem and I'm sure others are as well.