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    Can I pre-fill the answer to a specific question? i.e. customer number for a customer questionnaire.

    W. Jay Taylor

      I am building a customer questionnaire for our existing customers and, on the first page, have fields to type in the customer name and number (a unique number we assign to each customer.) 


      I would prefer to specify these myself when I send out the questionairre in case the customer doesn't know their customer number.  Theoretically, this would work with a query string or something similar so that each customer would get a unique URL to the form (i.e. formcentral.acrobat.com/myquestionnaire.html?custId=1234). 


      I'm intending to track and graph all of my results and don't want multiple submissions from the same customer to skew the findings.  I'm also setting up some mecahnisms to get back in touch with customers who fill out the questionnaire and answer any questions or concerns they expressed with it, which I obviously wouldn't be able to do if they didn't specify adequate identifying informaiton.