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    HTTP Streaming and BitmapData.draw


      Hi OSMF Experts,

      I've tried to duplicate segments of a Video with BitmapData.draw.

      • It's working with RTMP (set videoSampleAccess server side).
      • Progressive is also working (crossdomain.xml is ok).
      • BitmapData.draw doesn't work with HTTP Streaming! (Using *.f4m). What's the way to get this working? Following Error is thrown:
        SecurityError: Error #2123: Verletzung der Sicherheits-Sandbox: BitmapData.draw: file:///C|/players/myVideoTestHTTP.swf kann nicht auf null zugreifen. Es haben keine Richtliniendateien Zugriff gewährt.

      I've used OSMF 2.0 for the Tests. And I've testet with the sample.mp4/manifest.f4m example.

      Thanks for your answers.