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    Problems viewing Combined PDF's in Preview


      I work primarily in Photoshop CS5.  All of my work is created there.  My problem arises when creating and viewing compressed PDF's using "Preview" on Macintosh.  The text is very funky.  But as expected, Acrobat itself displays all files flawlessly.  My PDF creation flow is as follows. 


      1.  Save Photoshop Document(s) to individual Photoshop PDF's, without layers so I keep only one image and my vector data. (I always resize and save my documents appropiately for their intended use.  I keep all file sizes to a minimum when creating a document for email use.)

      2.  Using Acrobat, I combine/merge my files, selecting the appropriate compression method for its intended use (Small, Medium, Large)


      When I use the Medium compression in Acrobat, I encounter no problems through "Preview".  All of my text appears as it should.  Works great, but I'm left with a 26MB file.

      When I use the Small compression in Acrobat (suggested for email) I have all kinds of problems with my text in "Preview".  I would love to use this option as my files sizes are half of what they are at Medium compression.


      I know that "Preview" is not a replacement for Acrobat, but Mac's default application for opening PDF's is "Preview", and many of the users that I deal with are not equiped with any Adobe software.  Is there a fix?  What is Acrobat discarding when it compresses the file for emailing?






      I might add that the small version that is not displaying the text, still contains the text (I'm able to select it), it's just not visible.