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    Change Default Surround Sound Audio Mapping


      Anyone know if there is a way to change the default surround sound audio mapping in Premiere CS6?


      For example, when working with six mono channels being sent to a 5.1 submix. I manually set where each of the six go (front left, front right, center, lfe, rear left, rear right). Then I route that 5.1 submix to go to a stereo submix so that I can hear the downmixed audio in my laptop speakers. When my project is exported to a video file, I turn off the last step of routing the 5.1 submix to the stereo submix, so the file has all six channels of audio in their proper place. When I change the 5.1 submix to feed the master output, I get the option to re-select where each surround element should end up in the master output. In our production facility, we have surround in the order I mentioned previously. I noticed that Premiere has the front, then rears, and then center and lfe listed. It is annoying to have to re-select my surround preferences everytime I switch between monitoring the stereo downmix and the surround output.


      Any way to change what Premiere sees as the proper order for surround sound channels? I know there's the audio option to change mapping, but when working on a laptop, you only get the left and right speaker, no surround settings there.