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    Video Driver Issue

      Hi - a bit of background: Last night, I lost the content of a page I was editing on our server, which I since discovered is a no-no. In a flurry of Forum information, I discovered that there was a later version of RoboHelp. After telling co-workers about it, I received a Pop Up update message from Adobe saying to install the new version.

      Once the new version was installed, I could see my lost page, but lost all of my DHTML dropdown content, or at least, I can't see it. In the past, typing a letter or pressing ENTER would cause it to re-appear, but now, there's nothing we can do to see it and as of this minute, I haven't seen if RH still thinks there is something there (I'll get a message asking if I want to change a graphic if it does).

      OK, so now we have two issues.

      The first is I think there is a video driver incompatibility. I'd post an image here of my screen capture, but that doesn't seem possible - the capture shows that during the publication process, the monitor doesn't refresh and the area where there was the pre-publication form turns white and remains white until publication is done.

      Given the disappearance and reappearance of information, I think video drivers are an issue.

      The second is that my co-workers can't get the latest version of RH from their Updates option. Was that a bug, too, in the slightly older 7.00.01? No one else has received a pop up installation message on the subject, either.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          It might not be a video driver issue. Screens can go white in many programs when the processing is maxed out. As long as the process completes, I would live with that.

          Isn't the DHTML still an issue. Also is this a 7 project that was upgraded from 5? If it is, the nature of the patch is that you may need to reimport from 5 to 7 with the patch applied. It doesn't fix all issues with upgrades created before the patch.

          If your co-workers cannot get Help | Updates to work, you can download the patch once from Adobe's site and they can both apply it. Look for Downloads.

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            ScreenHelp Level 1
            Thanks Pete - our upgrade was from 6 to 7. There was no blank spot with 6, but we'll live with it for now! My coworkers did get the upgrade, but that whole thing was a bit strange. Bottom line is that they got it. I'll be checking DHTML tomorrow morning.

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi Karen

              For what it's worth, I've only ever been aware of one issue with RoboHelp and video drivers. That one was centered around the NVIDIA drivers back around version X4 or X5 I think. As I recall, upgrading the drivers did correct the issue. But instead of missing or partial screens, the issue was that RoboHelp would totally freak out and close unexpectedly. Particularly when working with images.

              Cheers... Rick