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    How To implement a cfc connection


      I am a newbie trying to figure out how to implement a remote connection to my coldfusion server via referencing my cfc file WITHOUT identifying my coldfusion server root folder. 


      Within my organization, I just reference a coldfuison file (*.cfm) in the browser and everything just works without me having to reference a coldfuison server path.


      Every time I try using the Flex 4.5 wizard to create a data or service connection, I am always prompted for a root folder or url name for my coldfusion server. 


      How can I setup a connection (a CFC one) without having to specify my Coldfusion server root folder.  Is there a wizard or must I write some remote access code in Flex??


      Can someone point me to a book, an example of how to write  a remote access code which will allow me to reference a CFC file so I can attach it to a data control.


      Thank You.