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    How do export a double page spread photo to epub and fill an ipad screen?


      I'm completely new to indesign. I'm using XP and Indesign CS6.  I'm testing my epub on the new IPad 3.


      I've published numerous books in print form with major publishing house in the US.  I need to quickly get a copy of the book in epub format for publication on the ipads. Maybe later for the nook, etc. Eventually I will want to design new ebooks from scratch. 


      We are scanning the book spreads [photos and text together a double page spread] and want to show those spreads on the ipad as a single horizontal image with no page gutter.  We've placed those jpg spreads in indesign as a double page spread. When we publish to epub it does not show as a double page spread.  It only shows up as a horizontal image on either the left or right side of a vertical book [gutter layout] view on the ipad. It never spreads out to fill the entire ipad screen.  What simple thing are we missing?


      Thanks so much