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    AE CS6 Stops rendering if I change focus




      I'm using AE CS6, and I've noticed that on some projects (not all), if I switch to another app while it's rendering, the render suddenly 'finishes', with no errors. The chime plays as if the render had completed, but of course, its' only rendered as far as it did until I switched to another app.


      Other projects will render find whilst I check email or websurf...


      FYI: If I save the project as 5.5 and render, I can change focus with no issues...


      Anyone else seen this? It's on a 2 year old MacPro. 16GB Ram. Quatro 4000 card.






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          Vic DiGital

          I'm noticing this as well.  It just started doing it today.  It stops every time I change focus, but it also stops at random points right before it gets to the end of the render (the latest was at 27 seconds out of a 30 second sequence)

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            Felix Mack Level 1

            I have a similar issue mac osx 10.6.8 2.8 Quadcore. There's no error, just the render done sound, but it doesn't finish. Staying on the app fixes this, but isn't particularly awesome.

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              JakobNystrom7 Level 1

              I've got the same problem today. For me it was with the multiprocessing settings that didn't leave anything for anything else than AE.

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                BenjaminMarkus Level 4

                You could try dragging your troublesome compositions into Adobe Media Encoder and rendering from there as a possible workaround.

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                  Has this issue been resolved yet. I am on a Windows 7 64bit system with 16 gb of ram and it continues to stop rendering (sometimes randomly) when I switch from after effects and start working in other apps (checking e-mail, etc).


                  My GUESS is it might have something to do with the GPU. I am using the nvidia quadro 4000 since it uses it to help render...but I am not sure.


                  -- Also I had it do a full by-frame log and it shows no errors...it just shows the date/time and says Finished Composition (at whatever point I try to do anything else outside of after effects).

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                    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                    Show us a screenshot of your Memory & Multiprocessing preference settings. My guess is that you've got them set up to give nearly all of the RAM to After Effects, but then you switch to another application and take that RAM away, interfering with the rendering.


                    Also, as a general piece of advice: You should not use the same computer for heavy video production work and such things as emal, web browsing, and iTunes. Do those things on a cheap laptop while you let After Effects and other video applications have all of the resources of your workstation. This helps to avoid problems with other applications colliding with your professional applications, such as using/blocking TCP ports, hogging the GPU, and even installing components that interfere with your production work.