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    Export only select fields into CSV?


      Hello everyone, I am new to livecycle and adobe forms in general and despite having a fair background in VB and JS I find livecycle to be very very difficult to work with.


      I am attempting to make a distributable, fillable timecard that exports certain fields into a specificly layed out CSV file. This file will then be directly imported into my accounting software. Livecycle/adobe exports a file that captures every fields value so I end up with 200 lines of empty data that I just dont need. Response filtering is non-intuitive and I cannot manage to create an export that I can even re-parse correctly.


      Basically is there a way to specify which data is exported, all non-null values would be very helpful, as well as the format of the CSV?


      This logically seems like it would have a simple solution but I just keep running into walls. I am looking for any help. Links to information would be most helpful!


      Ultimately I want to have a PDF that is server based and served via webservice, that can be browsed to from outside locations. This pdf would be fillable and would save a copy of the pdf along with custom formatted .csv for importation on the server in a given location.