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    Why do books go missing?


      All of my 279 books on ADE went "missing" while I watched!  This has happened in the past when I didn't have as many books.  Now my download limit has been reached from where they originally came from, so I can't download many of them again.  And I can't see downloading 279 all over again!  I've had a Nook for some time and had no problems with it.   SO!   I recently bought two more Nooks, for my mom who lives with me, and my granddaughter who is here most of the time.   I used my account to add them, etc, but I can't get ADE to add a single book to the new Nooks.   I used to call Adobe and got good help, but today the guy wouldn't talk to me, was rude, and made me go to online support.   That person couldn't tell me anything, either, and said to "copy & paste" the instructions to start a "case".   Then the whole conversation disappeared!   No way to start a case.   I don't think they want us to get help.   Why would we buy any product from them if this is how we are treated?   Unfortunately, I have a Mac computer, but the keyboard quit, so I am using a Microsoft keyboard.   The online person couldn't help me until I buy another Apple keyboard - because I am supposed to hold down "cmd+shift+D" which I can't do on this keyboard.   I have never had a problem like this before.  Never use commands.   (This is so I can unauthorize ADE and then authorize it again, to see if it helps . . .)