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    PrE 10 - how to minimize unnecessary encoding


      I want to use Premiere Elements 10 to edit video taken with a high end consumer HD camcorder.  I would like to produce Blu-ray disks containing really good quality full HD video.  Can you give me advice on what encoding to record in with camera, and how to configure PrE projects to minimize the amount of transcoding and/or reencoding that must be done as my video passes through.  In some cases (interviews, etc.), I will be doing very little editing, so much of the "footage" will be "untouched," and could theoretically (at least from my ignorant viewpoint) pass through without any coding change.  One of my motivations, obviously, is to achieve the best performance I can.  However, my most important goal is to retain high quality, as well as not to ask PrE to do things it's not good at.  (For example, I've been told on this forum that editing 1080p is not one of PrE's capabilities.)


      Thanks for any advice you are willing to share!