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    How does Adobe assign cores with HTT?

    SwissKnifeMedia Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I will soon be purchasing a computer and I am pretty set on an i7 3770 vs an 8 core Xeon based off of everything I've read. My only thing is, I know that the OS will recognize the i7 as 8 cores due to HTT when I put multiprocessing on in AE. My question is: is there a way to make JUST the logical cores reserved for other programs or background processes? I know Adobe likes physical cores over virtual ones so if I reserve 2 of the 8 cores to other programs would it take one physcal core and one logical core or two logical cores? because I would prefer that it takes 2 logical cores and leaves all 4 physical. If not then are there any programs/configurations to make it that way? I really just dont see a benefit to jumping up to an 8 core Xeon to get more physical cores even tho I am using heavy effects, filters, and coloring. Thank you for your help!