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    Cannot Save as JPEG


      I am using Photoshop CS6. I am unable to save an 8 bit  tiff or psd file as a jpeg.  When I choose JPEG format .iff is attached to the file.  When I open the same file in CS5 it works correctly. Whichever format I attempt to save as it selects the suffix for the format above.   I have downloaded again but no change.  Can anyone help me please?

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          It sounds like you're on a Mac and you copied over some plug-ins from an earlier version of Photoshop or else you have CS6 pointing to a folder of older plug-ins.  Both of those are huge no-nos.


          Now go back and delete all the plug-ins you installed in CS6 yourself and UNcheck the option to point to an additional plug-in folder.


          Install only updated plug-ins and only through their installer.  The required Adobe plug-ins are already built in and safely out of your reach so you don't mess with them.


          Next time, please do a forum search before posting.  This issue has been discussed here ad nauseam.

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            For Adobe personnel monitoring these threads:
            If copying over plug-ins is such a huge no-no, why do I have to go to the forums to find out? Couldn't a prevention of importing plug-ins from older versions of PS have been integrated in PS? Just a thought.

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              Copying Adobe plug-ins, specifically, from a prior version of Photoshop is a no-no for obvious reasons.


              People, especially non-technicallly-oriented ones, often try to minimize the "computer work" by just copying their entire plug-ins folder.  Somehow it just seems like the right thing to do, I guess.  


              It used to be that the plug-ins subfolder housed all Adobe-supplied plug-ins, plus 3rd party ones got added there later - so you ended up with a mix of Adobe and non-Adobe plug-ins.


              Adobe made a change this time around to house all their supplied plug-ins in a different place.  Now the ONLY thing the plug-ins folder is used for is to house non-Adobe 3rd party plug-ins.  So going forward people actually WILL be able to copy their entire plug-ins folder.


              The good news is that you can undo what you've done by deleting all files and subfolders under the plug-ins subfolder in Photoshop CS6, because the only ones there will be the ones you've copied.


              You either have to ferret out only the non-Adobe 3rd party plug-ins and copy just them, or copy NOTHING and reinstall all plug-ins into the new version of Photoshop (recommended for non-technical users).