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    XF300 Multicam video corruption?

    Roddy Mc Level 1

      I posted recently and had no response to the errors?


      I have made a multicam sequence in Premiere cs6 and one of the video feeds is Canon XF300.


      After I have edited the multicam I played back the footage and Im getting a lot of glitches on the XF300 footage,

      If I move the time line bar manually over the footage ie scrub it the errors are there, it looks like a compression thing. When I release the bar on a corrupt bit the footage rectifies however when I render that clip out the corruption is there.


      It almost seems like the codec is either wrong or needs more time to process the frame. The problem is when I render the files out obviously the frame hasnt processed completely as the corruption IS in the video.


      Can someone please advise here as I have an urgent job on the time line however I cant render it out due to these glitches, I also cant transfer to cs5.5 as Im using more than 4 cameras.


      I disabled the Mercury engine Hard Ware and the gliches were very noticable with red coloured images of previous frames on the glitches, I renabled Mercury Hard Ware and alot dissapeared but theres still bits with corruption when I render out?

      the XF300 footage is in HDV 50i mode in keeping with the other cameras.





      Core i7

      Geforce 570 GTX

      8 Gig Ram

      Stripe raided western digital black drives.

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          Bernie at Clarity Level 1

          I'm currently editing a non-synchronised multiple camera shoot, 2 x Sony Z1P cams and a Canon XF300. After recovering from a bugged brightness animation on one clip (cleared and reset media cache database), one of my Canon clips was marked offline. Nothing about that clip had changed. I tried re-importing it, and got the "generic error". I restored a copy from backup, and got the same error. Only when I exported the clip from the canon xf utility program to another place and name was I able to import it to PPro - let me emphasize that this was exactly the same footage file with a new filename and pathname. Although I can't prove it, I think the cause was corruption somewhere in the PPro project file or another metadata file associated with the project. Perhaps you could try exporting that clip (Edit, export to MXF) from the Canon XF Utility to another location and filename, then import it to PPro, and use it to replace the clip you're having problems with?

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            If nothing you try works in CS6, then render out the sequence turning the XF300 layer off, so those 'cuts' come out black, but everything else is visible.  Then bring that exported multicam clip into CS5.5 and replace all the black with the functioning XF300 media.

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              Hotrod2uk Level 1

              Many thanks for your help guys, mucho appreciated!