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    Noise when playing clips in Source and Workspace

    ksfl Level 1

      I'm new to PP CS5.0 and will be using it on a MacBook Pro, 2.66ghz Intel Core i7 and 8gb ram.


      I just bought a Panasonic GH2 which is an AVCHD type cam.


      The problem is when I play clips in Source or Workspace video noise like rain and pixels flipping around distorts the clip. Rendering in the workspace makes it play ok but is there a problem with my prefs or setup that I can rectify so clips play without the noise?


      Also, when choosing sequence settings for my 1080p30 clips (in a 1080i60 wrapper) I choose the option for AVCHD 1080p30 but when I put the clip in the sequence it shows up red. Is my choice wrong? In an Adobe whitepaper it says the 1080p30 tho in a 1080i60 wrapper will be recognized but when I choose that optioin clips get a yellow bar. What is the proper sequence setting choice?


      Any tips or info would be appreciated!