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    Can't print in indesign (icc's) and can't export pdf for PS - booklet workflow?


      I have a book of artwork i've laid out in indesign and am trying to print before binding it. All attempted workflows have been thwarted so far - any help is truly appreciated.


      - - -

      a) printing with a canon pro9000 mark II:

      Not possible. I've read into it, done plenty of tests and nothing comes close to a print of the same image from photoshop.

      My problems - i can't disable canons color management when having indesign manage colors. The canon presests never grey out (as they do in ps) out and always (seemingly) apply their own icc profile in addition.


      Possible solution (which comes close to but doesn't match my ps prints):

      Disable indd's color management in edit>color_settings (emulate..off) (printer profile in indd's print settings becomes empty and unavailable) and have canon manage color under printer>color_matching>color_sync>my paper's profile.


      - - -

      This solution is not ideal so i want to export a booklet for ps instead. Here thwarting nr.2:


      b) osx Lion - can't export indesign document booklet as a pdf.

      I've read other posts on this and there are workarounds through postscript but then i'd have to convert everything to cmyk if i understood this right. Not good.


      - - -

      Is there any way to print my book in indesign or get it into photoshop as a booklet? Ideally with the text still intact rather than flattened into an image?

      I know there might not be answers to the specific issues above but i was hoping anybody could if not help me then suggest an alternative workflow. All i want to do is print my book reliably with icc profiles. Is this really not possible?


      Thank you so much and all help is truely appreciated!




      (i had a former post with a. as a topic which i will delete to avoid redundancy. Also - please forgive if this has been discussed before and point me in the right direction. Last not least i have read most threads on the topic so while a former topic might have dealt with my problems it's solution - by my understanding - didn't work for me. Example: postscript for pdf because of cmyk. At the same time i fully acknowledge i might just have not fully understood the solution. Thanks!)