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    Which is the right Hosting package?

    Dinperth Level 1

      Hi All,


      I have been a BC partner for a couple of years now, I have started to design a website for a company that I work at part time, I did it with the full intention to host it on there owns servers as they already host a couple of other websites, When I bought into BC you could use external hosting.


      I have found out today that to be able to use the features of BC you need to be on their hosting (which is not a problem) but I can not experince the hosting plans without purchasing them, which means I can not guess which is the right one.


      The website is pretty basic and simplae they do not need any sort of email addresses, no email marketing and no online shop, I have designed it on the Forceful template and the only real feature I can see them using is the sliding web app on the home page of that template.


      So my question is will the basic hosting called WEBBASICS be enough for what they want to acheieve with their website?


      Or if not which is the option I should choose for them.