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    Splitting Cells in Tables

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      I'm not sure if anything has changed but I'm fairly certain it's still not possible to independently change the width of cells within rows in tables. I've asked elsewhere and it doesn't seem to be possible. That is, I would create a row with 4 columns, then below it a row with 3 columns and i could adjust the width of those independently.


      My work around is awful which involves creating separate 1 row tables and merging them together and omitting the top stroke so it looks like 1 table.


      I'm working on a document with about 200 tables and even if you create a master table, copying and pasting text causes formatting problems with the tables in their text boxes where rows overlap.


      I'm fairly certain there's no work around, importing the tables from Word doesn't have the desired affect.


      How would/do you guys approach the problem. I have no idea if CS6 has looked at this problem. Thankfully I don't seem to need to do this very often - but this is the first time with so many tables.


      Here's a daft video at least you can see my table :-(




      Thanks in advance

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          I have looked in CS6 and I don't think you can independently change cell column widths on each row so not sure if there is a solution as such.


          However may I suggest another workaround using a nested table method which would at least keep your table rows together...


          1. Create the table with however many rows and the maximum amount of columns you need.
          2. Merge all the cells on each row that require less columns.
          3. Remove all insets on the new merged cell.
          4. Insert a new single row table with the required amount of columns into the merged cell and remove table border stroke.


          You should then be able to modify the column widths indepently whilst keeping the table together.


          Not a perfect solution I know but hope it helps!


          Good luck.

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            Christopher Barnard Level 1

            Thanks so much and apologies for taking so long to come back - basically half of my document is my way and the other half your way.


            It does still take a while to set up, but long term it's much quicker.


            I'm terrible with tables - there so clumsy, difficult to format - expecially when they're not regular as in this case.


            I still found it hard to position text evenly in the various cells....


            Thanks so much.....