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    FlashCS6 complie Error and shutdown window.


      I`m encountering terrible Bug in Flash CS6 !!

      I`m using Flash CS6 TRIAL and OS is windowsXP.


      In AIR, At the moment that I made some compile Error to output panel,

      a window appeared and said that shutdown windowXP after 60 seconds.

      So, I stopped the processing of shutdown with "shutdown -a" in cmd.

      But symtom was not one.

      It was very similar to Sessar worm and gamehackkill virus.

      ( symtoms - can't drag icons, remove windowsXP buttons, can`t connect Internet, can`t use vaccine...)


      I guess you teach me that cure my PC with vaccine.

      But I already tried many times.

      About 3~4 days, I tried and tried - formating windowsXP, reinstalling Flash CS6, use vaccine, use anouther vaccine in safe mode... but all failed..


      I want you to point that when the Bug appears.

      In AIR.. not FP 11. only in AIR.

      And at the moment that It gets compile Error, the terrible window appears.

      Any other softwares don't make this symtom, only Flash CS6.


      I need Flash CS6 very much.

      But, for the reason that I describe, I can`t make anything with Falsh CS6.

      Please helmp me.