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    sometimes connection fails


      I am using Cirrus and I guess there is some problem.


      At first, I make a Netconnection and a Netstream and publish....

      At second, other Netconnection and other Netstream ans play...

      This order that Adobe tutorial teachs is succeed to connect P2P system.


      But sometimes ( happens about 20%) it fails in same code and same programs.


      I think NetGroup connection failure is different to NetStream connection failure.

      I am telling about NetStream in this post.


      And I found some regulation about this problem.


      1. If A can't connect B. A never connect B forever.

          If A try connect B again and again, It fail and fail.

          But A has probilities that can connect other NetStream.

         If webbrower refreshs ,reload swf and remake Netconnection and NetSream,

         it gets new chance to connect B.

      2. Connction failure happens more often in Web than in Debug.


      is this problem only on my error?

      is there no one who ask same question?