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    embed a URL into GIF

    Macnimation Level 1


      Is it possible to create a GIF file that has a URL embedded into it without the need of a html page?


      I need to create a small banner image that will be part of email signatures and when the user clicks the image it opens a webpage.


      This image will be distributed to many people to add to their email signatures so I need a GIF/PNG or whatever format, that I can simply send to users. When they add it the link is already embedded in the image without the need to add extra html to their email?

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          groove25 Level 4

          Conceptually, it's a nice idea, but practically speaking, it's not currently feasible.


          You'll need to wrap the image (or <img> tag) in a link tag, and that's what will contain the URL. But perhaps there's more than one way to make that happen: for instance, maybe the user could add the link to the image via their e-mail interface, or maybe you could distribute the HTML to them instead, to be inserted. Or maybe a template could be a good solution—something that contains all the required components, for them to personalize.

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