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    meeting poll participation

    Uri B

      How can I track when a participant participated in a poll during a meeting?

      We have classes in the meeting rooms and I need to know if someone participated at a specific time to know in which class participant participated.

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          When looking at the reports for the meeting room, you will see the poll questions are tracked by session and order asked in that session. So you should be able to identify who responded in session 3, 5, 15, etc. If you download the report, you should also get a Date Created value which should indicate their date and time of response.

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            Uri B Level 1

            With what you said I used from the api "action=report-meeting-sessions" to get the session of the time i am looking for.

            Then I used "action=report-quiz-takers" with "filter-version" (version being the session id) and filter-answered-survey=1.

            In the response row I noticed that create date is the time that the user entered the classroom and not the time the poll was given.

            Does this all make sense or is there a better way to go about this.


            When I go to reports in our adobe connect domain web interface I only see listed the poll for the last session. Why would this be?


            Thank you

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              Uri B Level 1

              After looking it over again it seems that "action=report-quiz-takers" will not help me.

              It looks like it only shows the last quiz a participant took.(so if the participant took a quiz in session 1 and 2 it will only show 2)

              I think "action=report-quiz-interactions" should be what I need.

              I just cannot figure out how to connect the interaction-id to the session. (in our adobe connect domain reports it connects the quiz questions to the session)

              Any help would be appreciated.


              Thank you