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    Document JavaScript tool is missing




      I've found this old discussion (see below) - seems like it never came to a solution.

      I have the same problem. I can't find the Document JavaScript tool in my Acrobat Pro X. It should be in the Tools menu. But this is all there is:


      The installed version on my computer is 10.1.3.


      Thank you in advance



      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------

      Advanced Menu Option Missing

      This question is Not Answered.

      Nov 3, 2011 11:02 AM


      Adobe Acrobat X Pro was recently installed on my pc. I noticed some menu options are either missing or have moved and I can't find them. I am specifically looking for the Advanced menu option. I have searched Adobe Forums as well as the internet and haven't found a concrete answer.


      Ultimately, I would like to create a date text field, using JavaScript, that will auto-display the current date. I technically know absolutely nothing about JavaScript but managed to find some information online. According to the Acrobat 6 Javascript Scripting Guide, the directions say to choose Advanced > JavaScript > Document JavaScripts to add a script. How do I do this in X?


      Thank you.