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    problem with Ppro 5.5.2 and GTX 470

    shai_09 Level 1

      hello everyone sorry if i have some misspellings, iam haveing very disturbing problem.

      i work on win7 64bit Ppro 5.5.2 and GTX 470 (301.42 driver) and 16GB ram.

      and well i working on Ppro on a HD seq the memory usge it is up to 15gb of 16gb and pc start to slowing down and the work bcome super slow and stocking from time to time.

      i think that the gpu accelertion and the cuda is not working or something like that. i use to have this problem wiht a memory of 8gb, i upgerd it to 16 and it is the same.

      i well like the ant help on it, and if some have suggestion the what it is the best preference on Ppro specification and in nvidia contral panel..


      thanks shai