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    Rename Bookmarks Based on Page Text




          I recently have inherited a PDF document that I would like to organize a bit better. It currently consists of about 1000 bookmarks and 10,000 pages. Each bookmark goes to the first page of a topic. Unfortunately the bookmarks have fun names like "1" and "456". Is there a way/script to be able to batch rename the bookmarks based on the Title of the page the bookmark links to?


      For example, '544' leads to a page with the Title "Objects". I would like the 544 bookmark to be renamed to Objects. The title is always the first line of the bookmarked page, and there is nothing else on that line.


      Incidentally, as I'm sure I will want to ask this later, I would like to create a Table of Contents from the renamed bookmarks. I have found a script ('List Bookmarks A9') which does essentially this, but I would like the resulting PDF to link to the bookmarks, rather than just listing the page number. Is there a script for this?