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    Error - Could not place the document ‘IMG_1664.MOV’ because no parser...


      I am trying to open a video to edit within Photoshop CS6 x64. I am getting the following message:-


      Could not place the document ‘IMG_1664.MOV’ because no parser or file format can open the file.


      The video was shot on my iphone 4S and ive even tried converting to other formats yet Photoshop still gives the same error. I have checked through Bridge and I have no option to send to Photoshop on the right click menu. Can anyone help as Im desperate to try out the new features of CS6 for video editing.


      I am running a 27" iMac with 12gb RAM and 1gb of Video RAM. Any help would be very much appreciated as im at a complete loss and there seems to be very little about this problem on the net at the moment. I am also running Lion if that helps.