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    ACR 7.1 RC Issue Not Fixed in ACR 7.1

    b2martin_a Level 2

      The issue I identified in ACR 7.1RC is not fixed in the production release of ACR 7.1.  Maybe I did not explain this in enough detail, it's very easy to miss. 


      1. Select a RAW file that was previously adjusted using PV2010.  When you open the file with ACR 7.1 it will open with PV2010 since the xmp file was saved with that process version. 


      2. Click on the "!" next to the image and it changes to PV2012 with suggested slider settings.  Adjust one of the sliders in the Basic Panel - this is very important becasue if you don't adjust a slider the issue does not show up. 


      3.  With the Basic Panel still selected, click on the three dashes to the right of the Basic Panel to get the pop down menu and select "Image Settings".  The image changes back to PV2010 with settings that are saved in the XMP file.  Now click on the three dashed again to get the pop down menu and "Custom Settings" is checked, but the image is displaying PV2010, not PV2012 like it should if "Custom Settings" is checked.  You just lost your PV2012 settings. ACR 7.0 does not have this issue. 


      4. If in #3 above you select another panel before you click "Image Setting"  the first time you can switch between PV2010 and PV2012 by clicking "Image Settings" for PV2010 and "Custom Settings" for PV2012.   After you do this first in a panel other than the Basic Panel for the first time you can then do it in the Basic Panel without the problem occuring. 


      I discovered this while converting images that were adjusted using PV2010 to PV2012 and like to compare the two Process Versions.  I did not have any problems with ACR 7.0, but when I installed ACR 7.1RC the issue occured.  I was hoping it would be resolved in the Production Release of ACR 7.1, but it's still there. 


      I am using Photoshop CS6 on a Windows 7 Professional 64 bit computer, don't know if this same issue exists in Lightroom.