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    Need to digitally sign projectors

      Dear All

      We need to sign projectors made from Director 11 digitally.
      However this doesnt work as expected as the signed projector wont run. It will give an error message saying you "need to install Shockwave 11"
      Running the projector before signing it works perfectly (no errors) It's a test project with one line of code and one text box. Our "normal" projects act in the same way.

      We sign other win32 exe files on a daily basis and had same problems with Director 10, but had hopes that it would be fixed in Director 11, but apparently not.

      Does anyone have similar/other experiences regarding signing Director exe files?

      It is really a serious thing as in Windows Vista the user will get all sorts of warnings and alerts, since the exe is "unsigned". Some systems will not even allow this kind of "suspicious" files to run, according to their security policy.
      Furthermore it is of course in the longer run a must for us to use signing, as it's one of the ways a customer can be sure that the exe file is really the correct one.

      All the best

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          Chunick Level 3
          have you tried to rename the Projec32.skl file in the Director program folder to <your_projector_name>.exe and then digitally sign that?... you can then use that with an .ini file that contains this:


          which loads up your .dir file or .dxr if you want to protect it, which is always a good idea... I haven't tried this method to digitally sign it, though so there'd be some experimentation on your part, but it's worth a shot.

          *Note: you want to make a copy of the .skl file and use the copy to do the renaming and digital signing, of course.
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            Skeeto Level 1
            Hi and thx for answering :)

            It seems this guy tried fiddling with the Projec32.skl file with no luck. Link

            He gets a different error message than we do.

            The post also has a link to an Adobe tech post, where they state you can do it (but we can't) The example mentioned is also a flash.exe.

            If it should work changing the Projec32.skl it would leave us with an intermediate solution I think. The dxr itself would still not be signed and it would be very easy to edit the ini file.

            I will try and make an official ticket.