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    Can't wait for classroom in a book series

    Richardcavell Level 1

      Hi, everyone.


      I used Final Cut Pro 3 through 7 and on the way I dabbled in Adobe Premiere Pro version 1.  Since FCP's move to version FCP X I've signed up to Creative Cloud and I hope to make the switch to Premiere for good.  I also want to learn After Effects and Photoshop, but Premiere is my first priority.


      I'm in a race against time to learn the CS6 tools.  My product is due in 5 weeks.  Of course I can use the software reasonably well without any training, but I'm the kind of guy who likes to do his homework.  It'll be the difference between "pretty good" and "wow".


      The ...classroom in a book series sound awesome, since they were produced by Adobe, but it looks like the final version of the Premiere book is expected to arrive July 10.


      What's my best option here?  Should I subscribe to the Creative Edge program just so I can get a "rough cut" of the CS6 version?