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    Premiere Elements 10

    T_Murbs Level 1

      I have downloaded/installed Premiere Elements 10 and "All Contents".  When I open Premiere Elements 10, it says "A reduced set of content has been installed.  You can install the full content by inserting your Content DVD or downloading it.  Do you want to install it now?"   Does anyone know how I can get Premiere Elements 10 to recognize the "All Content" information that I have already downloaded/installed?

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            If you have not seen this THREAD, it might be helpful.


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Here is another THREAD, that might prove useful, as you say that you HAVE installed the Additional Functional Content.


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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                And here is another similar THREAD.


                Hope that one is helpful to you.


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                  T_Murbs Level 1

                  Bill - I appreciate the threads.  Have done all of this (several times), but tired it again.  I've also totally uninstalled/reinstalled all Premiere Elements 10 with no luck.  I'm working on some graduation videos, so will use the basics and get back to tackling this again once I have more time. 


                  Appreciate the help and support. 

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Sorry that none of those threads helped. As at least one discussed the folder, into which the Additional Functional Content installed, I had hoped that by Copying the folder contents to another location, might help you.


                    Do you find that Additionnal Functional Content on your system? Most of the files are PSD's for Menu Sets (with some PNG's thrown in, to view those PSD's in the Create Menu Panel), and then PRTL's (PrE Title Template files), I would think that just having those located in the correct folder (where PrE will look for them), would be helpful, but maybe not. There are also some Instant Movies/Themes, but I do not recall their file formats. [Edit] They are .mvth, and there are several other file formats, such as PNG, MPEG, MP3, and maybe even FLV's, in the folder.


                    Good luck, and wish that I had more to offer.




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                      T_Murbs Level 1

                      I'm hoping that after a year has passed that someone has easy instructions on how to fix this problem I am still having.  Essentially I haven't even used Premiere Elements because of this.  I now have a DVD I want to make and need a resolution.


                      When I open Premiere Elements 10, it says "A reduced set of content has been installed.  You can install the full content by inserting your Content DVD or downloading it.  Do you want to install it now?"

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        I have written about this in great detail not so long ago. I will go hunting for that thread, but, if it takes too much time to do that, I will rewrite what I wrote before. There should be no problem installing the Premiere Elements 10 Content from online, except for its time consuming nature.


                        As a baseline, where are you in the process now? Have you downloaded all the Folders and Files for Premiere Elements 10 Windows Content and are they sitting on your computer desktop or are you still thinking about it?


                        We will await further information from you but will start preparing the information for you.


                        More later.




                        Add On...How much content you do want to install? All? Or a selected few categories?

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                          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          So... is there a button/link on that page that you can click to DO the download?

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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            This is the link from which we will be download the Premiere Elements 10 Windows Content.



                            My Add On question was how much do you want, ALL or just a selected few from the 6 groups?



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                              T_Murbs Level 1

                              I have installed / uninstalled (all content) from My Adobe Account several times.  In the process of just downloading the Content files now so I actually have them on my computer. 


                              ATR - I would like to have ALL of the content because I paid for it.  I am so terribly frustrated right now. 


                              John Smith - There is no way to direct Premiere Elements to the location on your computer that the Contents are installed to.  I've read that only the very first time Premiere Elements starts you are prompted to select all 6 Content features.  If you do not get that prompt, you are done for.  Very frustrating.

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                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                I am doing the Premiere Elements 10 Content download from the same site that you are and for "All". I thought it best to be doing this along with you do we could minimize a time frame variable.


                                That Akamai  NetSession Download Manager has been known to have problems with firewalls and the like. So be sure to shut those and the anti-virus off until we get that Content downloaded and installed.


                                Once we get the job done then I am going to recommend that you copy to disc or USB Flash drive the Content folders and files that are now installed on your computer hard drive. This way you can use USB Flash drive in the future rather depending on the download.


                                Right now I am at the 60% mark with the download, and it is just about 11 pm where I am. Consequently, in all likelihood we will get this finished by tomorrow morning.


                                Do not give.



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                                  T_Murbs Level 1

                                  I didn't mean for you to download the files.  I can download and install them on my computer, then I am prompted to "Open" and install.  Once Premiere Elements is opened, I get the same message "A reduced set of content has been installed.  You can install the full content by inserting your Content DVD or downloading it.  Do you want to install it now?"  I had a glimmer of hope this morning, as last night I had uninstalled/deleted all old files from my computer/re-installed both Premiere Elements and the ContentAll.  Restarted computer after each event.   Then went to bed to start fresh this morning.


                                  I opened Premiere Elements this morning, same message -- but this time it directed me to the Internet site to download the Content, so I was hopeful this would work.  It didn't.  Same darn message!!!


                                  I have tried burning the Content All on DVD -- data to large to fit on a DVD.  It just dawned on me that I could download each individual content file, put them on DVD, and see if that will work. 


                                  Stay tuned...

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                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                    The essential considerations for getting the Premiere Elements 10 Content in without the Content installation disc include:


                                    a. Work with the firewalls off or give permission for the Akamai  NetSession Download Manager. My computer sends up message about its blocking of components of this Akamai NetSession Download Manager. This Manager can create problems, but it is required for the process relating to "Reduced Content...".


                                    b.If you are going to keep "backup folders and files" (make your own Content disc), let them be the installed folders and files that you can use to place on the appropriate hard drive locations and not the download from Adobe.


                                    c. Remember, whether you use the Reduced Content message seen inside a Premiere Elements project or go directly from outside of Premiere Elements, you are directed to the exact same place


                                    Use the online link directly from your browser. If problems persist, go to another browser. My browser in this instance is Mozilla Firefox version 24. My computer for this is Windows 7 64 bit.


                                    Here is the step by step for what I have done to install the Premiere Elements 10 Windows. You may have already been down this road, but I post these steps now just in case. I will start with the Premiere Elements 10 Windows Content downloaded with the firewalls off.


                                    1. Premiere Elements 10 Content downloaded with the directed to open after download.


                                    2. Open


                                    3. Extraction


                                    4. Launch Adobe Premiere Elements Content - Clicked Finish.


                                    5. Permission "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer? Adobe Systems

                                    Incorporated - Clicked Yes.


                                    6. Language dialog. Clicked OK.


                                    7. Installation Wizard dialog. Clicked Next.


                                    8. Software License Agreement dialog. Clicked Accept.


                                    9. Dialog showed each of the groups, had a check mark after each since I was going the "All" route - Clicked Next.


                                    10. Viewed Setup C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 10\ - Clicked Next.


                                    11. Ready to Install Message - Clicked Install.


                                    12. Viewed Installing Adobe Premiere Elements Content dialog via progress status install bar.


                                    13. InstallShield Wizard Complete message - Clicked Finished.


                                    The installation automatically placed all the Content folders and files in the correct default hard drive save locations.

                                    And, if I went to Control Panel installed programs, there was listed "Adobe Premiere Elements 10 - 1.23 GB".


                                    Remember that Content is more than just the DVD Templates. So in your backup folders and files scheme, do not forget the graphics that go with Title Templates. They are in the Logos Folder.


                                    When I purchased Premiere Elements 10, I purchased it in the boxed packaging. That meant Content installation disc included. Great, great.Come versions 11 and 12, no longer a Content disc even with the boxed type purchase. Bad news.

                                    You might be interested in my blog post on Premiere Elements Content



                                    Please excuse if I have repeated what you already know. I did not want to take anything for granted.


                                    Looking forward to further developments.





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                                      T_Murbs Level 1

                                      ATR - Good news.  I have ALL CONTENT available to me now, but I still had problems.  Here's what transpired...


                                      Install for both main software and content went just the same as usual (as described in your e-mail).  I then opened Premiere Elements and received the same message about Content missing and once again it took me to the Adobe download web page.  This time, I thought what the heck, and redownloaded.  Of course, when I got to got to Step 11 this time it "Removed" the Content installation files. 


                                      I then opened Premiere Elements again and was not given the "Content message" but instead the Adobe Download page opened on its own.  (Note:  You have to Exit Adobe Premiere Elements at this time.)  I selected All Content download and went through Steps 1-13 again.  Opened Premiere Elements immediately and had all of the content available.


                                      Definitely one of the most frustrating problems I have ever had with sofware installation.  BUT, I am so happy to have a full-functioning verson of Adobe Premiere Elements 10 available to me.  I didn't want to upgrade to 12 because most of the new features are for mobile applications that I have no interest in.


                                      I can't thank you enough for your assistance and encouragement to "not quit".  Hopefully the information I have shared above will help the next person with this problem.


                                      Your electronic friend - Tina

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                                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                                        Great, great news.


                                        Thanks for staying with the troubleshooting. Great job with the mission accomplished.


                                        Continued success with your projects.


                                        Thanks for the continuing follow up.