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    Forms for Data Input


      Hi, my employees are using the form as a way to input data quickly, in order to do this they are using the test form link, is there a faster way to do this instead of having to use a link to the form or the test page?





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          Todd Rein Level 3

          Hi Jenn,


          Can you elaborate a bit more?  Why is filling in the form from a URL not fast?  Are you looking to copy/paste data?  Import it from Excel?  If you could, describe a bit more on what your form is, and how you are using it.




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            JENNREM Level 1

            I am looking to import my data into excel, but employees are filling out dozens of these forms one after the other, just seems combersome to test form, fill it out, close window, test again.

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              Todd Rein Level 3

              They can use browser back, or refresh the browser, instead of closing and re-opening.  Also, if you have a website where your employees are working from frequently (such as a company or department home page), you can embed the form there avoiding an extra web page open.  See the embed button on th distribute tab.