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    Audio Filters Not Loading - CS6 Mac

    Bob Ramage Level 1

      I've encountered a strange problem that I hadn't seen in previous versions of PPro.


      I had applied a number of audio filters in a recent project. While in the process of doing this, the program crashed. When I re-opened the project, I received the message:


      "Audio Filter missing:  1094998321 Dynamics1


      Audio Filter missing:  1095915057 Reverb1"


      and so on, for any audio filter applied.


      Clicked "OK" and the project continued opening, however the effects panel for all audio clips with filters applied now read "Offline (filter unavailable)"


      Strange. Deleted then reapplied the filter. Played back correctly. Closed the program, reopened, and the filter is once again "offline".


      I tried a few workarounds:


      1. "replace and render" the audio clips. This froze the program and I had to force quit

      2. exporting clips to Audition. This also locked up the program

      3. apply filters then render final audio file in Adobe Encoder. Audio file rendered, but filters weren't applied.


      Very strange and frustrating. Any ideas on the cause of this or possible solutions?


      2008 Mac Pro 3,1 (2 x Xeon 2.8 GHz processors)

      16 GB RAM

      GTX 285 video card

      Project files and media cache on separate drive from program

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          Bob Ramage Level 1

          Update: after viewing dh91's thread (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1000814) I realized my problem is also related to XML import. Seems to be a bug.


          I've been using PluralEyes to sync audio with video. The process requires exporting a FCP XML file generated by Premiere to PluralEyes, processing to sync, then importing the resulting XML file. Everything works great except that applying audio filters to any audio file imported as part of the XML process generates the "audio filter missing" message and cannot be successfully rendered.


          Audio filters CAN be applied successfully to audio files within the same project, provided the audio files were not imported via XML.


          My workaround: match frame audio clips and replace with source audio not imported via XML

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            I'm having the same issue.

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              Bob Ramage Level 1

              Pretty sure it's a bug. I've submitted a bug report and have a support case open.

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                dkaplowitz Level 1

                have you gotten anywhere on this or found any workarounds apart from match frame and re-cut each audio clip into sequence from the original audio?


                i'm thinking of buying premiere but this is a major, major snag.

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                  Bob Ramage Level 1

                  Haven't gotten anywhere with this bug yet. My support case is still open. Adobe support seemed confused at first, thinking that I was trying to import XML files with unsupported Final Cut audio filters applied. Had to explain several times that the problem was with PREMIERE filters applied AFTER the XML file had been imported.


                  I'm still using the same workaround. I'm using PluralEyes to sync DSLR video with external audio so there are usually only a handful of audio files I need to replace after I've imported the XML file. It's fairly quick and simple to match frame and replace audio. I'd hate to have to do it with a fully edited FCP project. I imagine you could use the "replace footage" option in the project panel to replace imported XML audio with the same files directly imported into Premiere via the Media Browser.

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                    Bob Ramage Level 1

                    Adobe tech support called me this afternoon and confirmed this is a bug. They have informed their engineers and are working on a fix.

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                      dkaplowitz Level 1

                      thanks for the update, bob. good news - wonder if it'll be fixed in a 6.0.2 update.

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                        dkaplowitz Level 1

                        you know what else I just found out about this? I have a project that I've been working on for some time that had been sync'ed months ago via Plural eyes but version 1.x. I just tried the audio filter thing on this sequence out of curiosity, closed down Premiere, opened the project back up, and it doesn't come up with the missing filter error!

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                          Thanks for the workaround! I spoke with Adobe today in regards to this issue to try to get them as much information about it as possible.


                          I noticed something after I was off the phone with them though. I'll post it here to see if it gets any traction.


                          I'm using the same process for using pluraleyes. What I noticed though was that when I add my original audio to the timeline it comes in as a stereo track. After the pluraleyes process and importing the new XML the tracks seem to come in as dual mono tracks. I read on another thread– http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1000814?tstart=0 –that the effect was mono on a stereo track. I feel like this could make some sense being as the source file is still a stereo wave.


                          Can anyone confirm the same issue with it being related to stereo tracks being recognized as dual mono?

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                            Bob Ramage Level 1

                            Not sure about the stereo/mono thing. You might well be right as CS6 has changed how audio is handled and tracks no longer need to be specified as mono or stereo. There was no XML import/audio filter problem in CS5.5 so the CS6 issue is related to something that has changed between versions.

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                              matt_belanger Level 1

                              Hey I was wondering if someone could explain the workaround a bit more in detail. Are there shortcuts for matching up the xml audio with the orinal files and replacing them, or do I have to manually find each clip and section and then match them up visualy through the waveforms? Can you match frame for the audio? When I use the shortcut, it only works on the video track.


                              Any help would be greatly apreciated.

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                                Bob Ramage Level 1

                                I usually just replace the entire audio clip imported via XML with the same clip imported directly in Premiere. If you need to replace portions of audio clips, here's how I do it:


                                1. Select the audio clip in the timeline you wish to replace and make sure you're on its first frame (shift-home)

                                2. Hit the 'F' key to open the matched frame in the source window

                                3. Note the timecode of the matched frame from the source audio clip

                                4. Open the identical audio clip imported directly (i.e. not the one imported via XML)

                                5. Go to the same timecode and mark an "In" point

                                6. Complete 3-point edit and replace clip in timeline


                                If you're only replacing the video track its because that's the track you have selected. Make sure to select only the audio track you're working with when using match frame (the track name will be highlighted on the left of the timeline).


                                Another approach is to use the "replace with clip, from source monitor - match keyframe" command (right click on clip you want to replace in the timeline to see this command - make sure the replacement source clip is open in the source monitor). I've found I get strange keyframe matching sometimes so I usually don't use this method.


                                Hope that makes sense.

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                                  I'm having the same issue.  Has anyone tried the Pluraleyes 3 Beta?  I'm hoping that takes care of the issue, but the system I'm working on right now doesn't have Lion installed yet and I can't try it. 

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                                    m.notaro Level 1

                                    I'm having the same issue, and never used pluraleyes for this project.  From what i am reading it is a bug related to XML.  Adobe please fix this!

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                                      Is there still no fix for this?  I've been getting the message "Audio Filter missing:  1095582513 MultiBand1" on anything that I've applied the Compressor filter too.  It works when I apply it and the sequence is open, but if I close it and re-open it, the error appears and all my audio filters say "offline".  I have Pluraleyes 2 installed with Premiere, but I haven't used it with any of the sequences that I'm having this issue with.  

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                                        awdub Level 1

                                        RedGiant (Pluraleyes maker) says this issue (they think) was fixed in the 6.0.2 Pr update.  Can anyone confirm or deny?  I was using 6.0.0 and ran into this issue; I'm missing my audio filters for all XML-imported clips and want to know whether to proceed from my current project or revert to a pre-audio filters-missing autosave.  Or if this issue really hasn't been resolved. thanks all

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                                          awdub Level 1

                                          OK so after some time spent on the line with a support person not versed in this issue, he looked it up and tells me that this has NOT been resolved.  Not looking forward to the workaround here. 

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                                            Bob Ramage Level 1

                                            The workaround I use is pretty quick:


                                            1. After Pluraleyes has finished syncing, open the timeline in Premiere (I choose the timeline where Pluraleyes has synced audio and video but hasn't replaced and cut up the audio)

                                            2. Replace the full synced audio clips in this sequence with the original full source audio clips from your project (they have the same name - just be careful not to use the ones imported via Pluraleyes).

                                            3. Start editing. Apply audio filters as per normal.


                                            The problem seems to be with the audio files imported via XML.

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                                              awdub Level 1

                                              Thanks Bob

                                              Yeah that would work although a) I've already got a sequence with the clips cut in, which I'll have to replace, and b) the Pluraleyes sequence with all the clips it's attempted to sync for better or worse is 16 hours long.  So replacing at the source would be a /bit/ of a timesuck.

                                              thanks though!  Someone at RedGiant is looking at my sequence; he said they couldn't recreate the problem with the new 6.0.2 so we shall see... more soon

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                                                awdub Level 1

                                                So a big thank you to Michael S over at Red Giant, who adjusted my project file and sent it back with the filters intact!  He said he thinks it won't happen with future work, as they couldn't recreate the bug in Pr 6.0.2, but just for anyone who runs into this problem, here's what he said to do:


                                                1. Create a new project with just one clip in the sequence
                                                2. Export the project to an XML file
                                                3. Create another new project and import the above XML file
                                                4. Apply the audio filer(s) that was missing to the clip in the timeline
                                                5. Open the project file in #4 (.prproj) in TextEdit
                                                6. Make a copy of your main project file and open the copy in TextEdit
                                                7. Compare #5 and #6
                                                8. Make necessary changes in the missing filter's attributes in #6 and save
                                                9. Open the above saved .prproj file in Premiere Pro


                                                Thanks all

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                                                  ilykdp2 Level 1

                                                  awdub, I managed to get to step 8.


                                                  Could you please specifically show what you changed in the text files?


                                                  With the main project file opened with text edit, I did a cmd+f to find the numerical values associated with the missing audio filters notification when the main project file is opened with Premiere.


                                                  audio filter missing.jpgprproj textedit.jpg


                                                  When you say "make necessary changes in the missing filter's attributes," that's where you lose me.


                                                  I have no idea what part of the code to copy+paste into the (copy of) main project file.


                                                  Please HALP.

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                                                    awdub Level 1

                                                    those directions are pasted from the RedGiant support's email.  Basically look at what the code looks like in the clean version (the single clip project you created) and compare it with each instance of that audio filter in the corrupt project you have.  In my case, it was all about changing the "ChannelType" from 1 to 0, or vice versa, I forget which.  But be careful when searching through the corrupt code not to change channel types for other filters, such as the 'filter' for Internal Volume.  That will really roger things up, believe me.

                                                    good luck

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                                                      nickss Level 1

                                                      Following what awub said, This actually worked for me. In my case it was "internal volume mono" filter that was missing, so I had to open the .pproj search for every instance of the "internal volume mono" which would be a node in the XML as follows: <FilterMatchName>Internal Volume Mono</FilterMatchName>


                                                      Then, for each one found, I looked ahead for the next instance of this node: <ChannelType>0</ChannelType>


                                                      In my case, the older files that had a value of "0" for channelType did not have the error, and conversely my problem file had one node with a value of "1." So I simply changed that one node from 1 to 0.


                                                      In my case instead of looking at a new project file and importing XML etc I just looked at the last version of the project file I had that wasn't throwing the error and used it for comparison.


                                                      Thanks, this was a real bear to solve, no other suggestions worked.

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                                                        I will also give it up to awub. Searching by the Audio Filter Serial number(in my case, it was "1095582513 MultiBand1"), and then looking above to find the <ChannelType> and replacing all occurrences of

                                                        <ChannelType>1</ChannelType>   with   <ChannelType>0</ChannelType>  fixed it.


                                                        To save time, I also would select the entire section of the XML that related to the missing filter, so I would select from the opening <ChannelType> tag to the closing </FilterMatchName> tag.

                                                        (So, in my case I would copy the entire section below:





                                                                            <OpaqueData Encoding="base64" Checksum="1756339528">AAAAAD6qqqw/gAAAPqqqqz8VVV0/KqqrAAAAAD26Low+PBTmPqqqrD8qqqs9b+icPbo ujD48FOY+qqqsPyqqqz1v6Jw9ui6MPjwU5j6qqqxEZWZhdWx0AABlcmluZwB0dGFjazEiIHN0eWxlPSJhdXRvbWF0Y WJsZSIgbGFiZWw9Im1zIiBkZWZhdWx0PSIx</OpaqueData>


                                                                            <FilterMatchName>1095582513 MultiBand1</FilterMatchName>


                                                        "Finding" by doing larger selections makes it easier, since you can Replace the above text with the correct text (with the 1 changed into a 0). However, keep in mind that you will have to do this for each unique filter (so if you re-used the same EQ filter on several clips, So, after I did a find and replace, I would go back to searching by serial number (In this case: 1095582513 MultiBand1) and look at the ChannelType to see if there were any more set to "1". Then


                                                        All in all, on 14 timelines, This took me about 30 minutes to do. I would also suggest installing Notepad++ on Windows or TextWrangler on Mac, since they have more robust Find and Replace items. (I also like Sublime)

                                                        For the future, however, who's job would this be? Adobe or RedGiant? Seems easy enough to fix.

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                                                          InterMurph Level 1

                                                          I have experienced this problem several times with Premiere Pro CS6 and PluralEyes 3.0 for Windows.


                                                          The problem is simple:  when you apply an audio effect to a track that was synced by PluralEyes, Premiere Pro gets confused about whether the track is mono or stereo.  Premiere Pro applies the effect properly, but when it saves this effect in its project file, it writes the incorrect filter name.


                                                          Then when you restart Premiere Pro, it reads the project file, extracts the incorrect filter name, and complains about the "missing" filter.


                                                          The solution is simple:  just edit the Premiere Pro project file (which is in XML format) to contain the correct filter name.  For example, when I added the Lowpass and Bass effects to a PluralEyes audio track, Premiere Pro wrote these to the project file:

                                                          <FilterMatchName>Internal Lowpass Mono</FilterMatchName>

                                                          <FilterMatchName>Internal Bass Mono</FilterMatchName>


                                                          When I changed those from "Mono" to Stereo with a text editor, then reloaded Premiere Pro, it solved my problem:


                                                          <FilterMatchName>Internal Lowpass Stereo</FilterMatchName>

                                                          <FilterMatchName>Internal Bass Stereo</FilterMatchName>


                                                          The trick, of course, was in discovering the correct names for these effects.  To do that, I:

                                                          • Created a new Premiere Pro CS6 project
                                                          • Imported the audio track in question
                                                          • Dropped it into a sequence
                                                          • Applied the audio effect(s) in question
                                                          • Saved the project
                                                          • Opened the Premiere Pro project file (which ends in ".prproj") in a text editor
                                                          • Searched for the effect name (e.g., 'Lowpass" or "Bass")


                                                          The filter names are not always this predictible; for example, when Premiere Pro wrote "<FilterMatchName>1095782705 EQ1</FilterMatchName>", it really meant "<FilterMatchName>1095782706 EQ2</FilterMatchName>".  And when it wrote "<FilterMatchName>1094998321 Dynamics1</FilterMatchName>", it really meant "<FilterMatchName>1094998322 Dynamics2</FilterMatchName>".

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                                                            As far as I´ve tried to solve this awkward problem i would suggest that the easy path to take is to export your project with Final Cut Pro XML option. Then you re import it into Premiere and ¨almost¨ everything works just fine. Minor adjustments and you can keep on working. It´s the best and fastest option, at leats in my opinion.

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                                                              It is summer 2014.  I'm running CS6 on Windows 8 with Plural Eyes 3.  Still having this problem.


                                                              Can anyone confirm if an update has fixed this yet?  I appreciate the guidance on replacing the audio, but it shouldn't be necessary.


                                                              Thank you.

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                                                                bdrummer67 Level 1

                                                                Now a similar problem is happening to the new masks in the video filters that were touted in CC 2014. I jumped in and used them all over the place, and now I'm stuck with blurred clips because the AE-style mask is "offline." I'm hoping some of the suggestions regarding the audio filter will work here.