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    swf of a flex mobile app ?


      so i am just starting with flash builder , anyway i have created a simple flex mobile projuct

      in flash builder, my question is how do i turn this into a full swf file


      i see the swf of my program in the debug folder , but when i load that it opens up completely blank(white screen)

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          saisri2k2 Level 4

          Did not get that question right, you want to double click on the swf and it hs to start running what ever that is there in it?

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            Skynordz Level 1

            well yea cause when i click on the swf thats in my debug floder it just opens up an empty white window

            even thought i have had added buttons and actions and so on. when i go to debug my programe comes up as it should with eveything on screen

            so i am wondering how do i export this as a full swf file so when i click on it i can see the buttons any layout i made in builder.


            is there an opition i have to click to make it write my stuff to the swf , i have Build Automatically, but like i said my swf is coming up empty