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    Removing Reflection


      Hello everyone,

      I shot a music video and in one particular slow motion shot where the camera is slowly moving towards my subject (attaching photo), over his right shoulder in the glass you can clearly see the reflection of the softbox light that we used. Is there an easy way to remove this somehow ? I will be color grading the entire video to black and white when it's all said and done and this light reflection is really bothering me. Any ideas on how I can remove it?                Nick London.png Im not very advanced at AE so maybe if there is something basic that I can do?

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          If the subject's shoulder doesn't move in front to the reflection, it should be pretty simple to use a solid, mask it, and put it over the reflection.


          If the subject's shoulder does indeed move in front of the light, you'd have to duplicate the layer and use rotobrush on those frames shere the subject's shoulder is in the way.


          If the camera moves but the subject's shoulder doesn't get in the way, you'd have to motion track the light reflections and apply the track to the masked solid(s).


          If both the subject AND the camera move, you'll have to use a combination of rotobursh and motion tracking.


          Sorry, there isn't a one-click-takes-care-of-it solution for this.

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            lxjordanxl Level 1

            Thank you!