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    Circling items instead of using check boxes or radio buttons


      I have been stuck on this for days and I am going crazy. I have a fillable form for work. It is an application and people need to use it to fill out information about their family. The often need to check Male or Famale or answer Yes/No questions.


      Unfortunately we cannot redesign this form as that would be a very large undertaking. There is no room for radio buttons or check boxes and when I tried to place them on top of the options, the form became very cluttered and nearly illegible.


      After searching the Adobe forums I found an example of a form with a button that mimicked a check box using custom javascripts. I have tried and tried to get this to work for our form, but I am hopelessly lost. I am new to any sort of javascripting so any help is imensely appreciated.


      The pdf that I am using as a reference can be found here: https://acrobat.com/app.html#d=JBzD4guSToeYu0qLkvfvgA


      When I run javascript debugger it says the following:


      TypeError: getField("buttonOn") is null



      Other information:

      I am running Adobe Acrobat X Pro on Windows XP.